Protective measures in hair styling salons, etc.

In hair styling salons and service areas, such as nail and tattoo studios, physiotherapeutic practices and wellness facilities, compliance with high hygiene standards is particularly important and at the same time a great challenge. This results in particular from the necessary physical proximity, the use of technical aids as well as the particle pollution that occurs during services.
Air purification as close to the workplace as possible should therefore be a core component of the hygiene concept.
Air purifiers are not only recommended in hairdressing salons to eliminate viruses and bacteria. They also filter the chemical substances released, for example, during colouring, tinting and the use of sprays, as well as the small particles produced during haircuts. The air purifiers ioxy Pro and the smaller model ioxy Two are optimally suited for this purpose thanks to their performance parameters, compact construction, design and low-noise operation.

What our customers say:

Bonn, February 2021:

“We, Marjam Laurentius and Robert Kugler from Coiffeur Team Laurentius, run a hair styling salon in Bonn with 12 employees and 10 workstations. In order to be able to provide our customers and employees with the highest level of safety after the second lockdown on 01.03.2021, we rely on decentralised and mobile air filter systems. We have decided in favour of the air filter systems from uvlution. Design, price and performance convinced us in the course of our research on the internet. We use the ioxy Two at every workstation and the ioxy Pro at a central point in the salon.“

Marjam Laurentius and Robert Kugler fro, Coiffeur Team Laurentius

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