Areas of application and customer reviews

The expectation of hygiene solutions in private and public areas of life is becoming more and more important. Uvlution offers various hygiene solutions for different needs.

Our air purifiers enable you to clean air in closed rooms and reduce the number of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances.

Being able to disinfect your hands at any time requires the availability of disinfectant dispensers almost anywhere. However, not every disinfectant dispenser can meet the requirements of the environment. Each area of application has its own requirements according to the target group and the frequency of public access.

Our disinfectant dispensers are available in different sizes so that especially kindergarten and school children can be considered. The choice of different dispenser volumes also enables you to choose the best possible coverage with regard to your requirements. If you have further wishes for a disinfectant dispenser, our digital version enables you to use it in an unbelievable number of ways, from playing advertising content to entrance and mask control.

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