Hygiene and cleanliness in the hotel

Hotels stand for cleanliness and hygiene. Of course, this has always been the case, but since Corona, every guest is now even more sensitive than before. Give your guests back this feeling of safety. Let your guests know and see that you clean the air and provide disinfection. This has a very calming effect on your guests and leads to a more pleasant stay, which your guests can enjoy even more.

Our air purifiers enable you to purify air in closed rooms and reduce the number of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances. Perfect for use in conference and seminar rooms, wellness areas and much more.

What our customers say:

Höhr-Grenzhausen, February 2021: “We have already established extensive hygiene measures in our hotels at the end of February 2020 and have exceeded the measures required by the authorities at all times with our hygiene concept. We informed ourselves early on about the various air purifiers with hepa filters available on the market and decided in September 2020 to purchase numerous devices from uvlution. This allows us to use devices flexibly and decentrally to support the supply of fresh air in all heavily frequented guest areas. Specifically, we have equipped all restaurants, wellness & rest areas with the corresponding number of ioxy Pro units, while in the spa cabins or smaller restaurant niches we work with the ioxy Two. The devices are comparatively quiet, well-designed and easy to operate. Our experience in September & October during heavy occupancy was optimal and even during the partial lockdown our devices are in daily use in our offices, staff rooms and the open areas.”

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